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As their name suggests, the main feature of these trucks is their flat base which is used as a platform to carry or haul all types of loads from broken vehicles, to heavy machineries, to any other type of load that needs to be carried on a flat surface. These trucks are also quite useful in carrying diggers and other farm or construction related equipment that is not conducive for driving on roads. A great feature of these flatbeds is their movable base which allows lowering and raising the base level for easier loading of cargo. Another variant of these flatbeds is the rigid flatbed which is not movable but it is also quite commonly used for hauling cargo around especially in the country farms where carrying of live-stock or hay requires a rigid Flatbed Truck Hire Brisbane for better stability of the cargo. Even oversized loads that have oblong dimensions like blades on the wind turbine, or engine parts are also quite conveniently hauled on these flatbeds.

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Flatbed Truck Hire Brisbane
If you are even a bit dicey about the dimensions of your load and wondering what to choose, Flatbeds are the answer to your needs for hauling all kinds of heavy loads that would just not fit on any other load carrier. The reason behind their spaciousness stems from the fact that they have a 3 side opening feature and a top that could be retracted or opened back according to the dimensions of the load. Because of their 3 side opening feature, Flatbeds also have this unique ability to carry the most oblong loads whose’ dimensions may be in complete contrast with the dimensions of the truck. If this results in parts of the load dangling out of the truck, there is also a provision for providing safety car to go with the load to ensure that the load is safely delivered to its destination, without causing any damage to people and vehicles along the way.

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Owing to their multi-load carrying ability, and the flexibility of creating more vertical and horizontal space according to the varying load sizes, more and more companies in and around QLD are going for Flatbed Truck Hire Brisbane to get their odd shaped loads transported without any worries. If you too need your odd shaped loads transported without a hitch, you should definitely go for flatbeds to benefit from their multi-load carrying functionality.